Pantone Color Certified

Pantone colors

What is Pantone

PANTONE is a standardized color system for printing patented by Pantone Inc. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) utilizes a palette of standard colors that can be mixed in precise combinations to recreate a wide range of colors consistently across different printing presses and substrates.

Sharp now offers Pantone color matching without the complexity of additional software. The matching capability is FREE and backwards compatible on all MX-4100, MX-4101 and MX-5001 models.

The CMYK toner values have been precisely measured and calibrated by the color analysts at Pantone to ensure that the best reproduction of Pantone Matching System is achieved. To be Pantone certified these Sharp devices must endure a rigorous development process over several months in Pantone's scientific lab.

Who uses Pantone matching